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Carta para Host Family

Hoje deixarei aqui a carta que fiz para Host Family, ficou um pouquinho grande porque eu quis soltar o verbo mesmo. Espero que vocês possam usar como inspiração. Bjus

Hello Dear Host Family,

I would like to start saying that I really appreciate that you have chosen my letter to be read.

My name is Danusia, I am a Brazilian girl who would love being an Au Pair in the United States.
I live in São Paulo City, which is the biggest and most important city in Brazil. I love living here because I have access to a lot of culture and entertainment, I enjoy spending my time off with my friends and family, we often eat out, go to the movies, to parks and museums. I also enjoy going to nightclubs to dance and have fun with my friends.
Whenever I have time and money I travel because it is one of my passions! I love making new friends, meeting new people and getting to know new cultures and places. In my humble opinion, traveling is the best way to broaden our minds and soul. At home, I enjoy surfing on internet, reading, organizing my things, cooking and baking.

My family is my mother, Deusa (48 years old - housewife), my stepfather, Carlos (48 years old - Security Guard), my father, Eliseu (51 years old - mechanic), my younger sister Dalila (22 years old - college student and Certification Assistant) and my halfbrother, Mauricio (28 years old - businessman).
My parents got divorced 18 years ago, but they have always been good friends and they both were very present in our lives. They are really loving and caring with us, but they are also very strict when the subject is education and good manners, that's why my siblings and I grew up being very responsible and polite.
They always taught us that if we truly want to reach something in life, we should give our best to achieve it and never get short ways and because of this, we became very hardworking, focused and involved with everything we do.

Two years ago, my sister and I decided to leave home, so we could get even more independent, mature and responsible and that's exactly what has happened. Having this experience of living by myself was wonderful for my personal growth.

Here in Brazil, I work as a Contract Analyst and I have worked in the same company for 9 years. I started working very young and it was the best choice I ever made because nowadays I see that although I am still young, I am much more independent, mature and responsible with my duties and my own money than most of my friends who are the same age as I am.

I decided to become an Au Pair because I see this program as a lifetime experience since I will be able to be part of a different Family and hopefully build strong bonds with them; take care of kids, which I love doing; live abroad and improving my English; what I need for my professional growth in Brazil and making new friends, having new experiences and getting to know new places and cultures which will bring me a huge personal growth.

Now, let's talk about what really matters: my experience with kids.
I started working as a nanny when I was a teenager and I worked with this for 2 years, after this I would work on weekends as a babysitter.
Since I decided to become an Au Pair, I started working as a nanny on weekends to get recent experiences with kids and during this period I took care of:

- Arthur, newborn, for 6 months.
- Lorena, 8 months old, for 3 months.
- Miguel, 3 years old, for 3 months.
- Pedro, 3 years old, for 2 months.
- Livia, 3 years old, for 2 months.

While I was with them, I was totally responsible for everything they needed, I would change diapers and clothes, help the older kids with Activities of Daily Living (brush hair and teeth, use the bathroom, wash hands, take shower), bath the babies, make their meals and feed them, make bottle and feed them and do the recreation part (do arts and crafts, play games and activities that would stimulate them and make they waste their energy, sing and dance along, read and tell stories) and also go out with them (take them to parks and to the playground).
I thought it would be better to have experiences with many kids because I would get skilled to deal with kids from different personalities.
I was also a volunteer in an Organization that helps an Indigenous Village, I would talk to the community and ask for donations and I would also stay with the kids on Sundays, we would play with them, teach them some subjects and do a cleaning on their recreation area.
In my job, since I have started working there, I am a teacher in a project that teaches courses to teenagers, I usually teach them 3 subjects: Portuguese and Communication; Environment and Organizational Behavior. It is a wonderful and very rich experience because I have to deal with 20 teenagers at the same time and I really have to stimulate them.

About my driving experience: I got my Driver License 5 years ago, I have my own car and I drive every single day and although São Paulo is a very big, busy and crowded city, I have never been in a car accident. I am a very skilled driver, very cautious and calm and I feel totally comfortable driving with kids in the car, so my host parents will be able to count on me to drive their kids to any appointments they may have.

I will become an Au Pair with my heart and arms open, I am willing to love and take care of your kids as if they were mine, with the same respect I have always received from my family and I truly expect to have a Host Family to respect me as well, be fair with me and I also be patient with me, since I know it won't be easy to communicate in a foreign language.

I’ll be glad to have the opportunity of talking to you and answering questions you might have about me or my experiences with kids. I also would like to know more about your family and interests. We’ll surely have so many things to talk about.

Thank you for taking your time for reading my letter until the end and I am so sorry for any English mistake I might made. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

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  1. Oiee...Nossa sua carta está bem boa... e vc tem muuita experiência com Kids.
    Sabe que eles dão muito valor pra quem tem carteira de motorista há bastante tempo e dirigem bastante ... Eu não tenho carro daí tenho pouca experiência :/

    1. Obrigada, eu tive um suporte muito bom da minha professora e ex au pair Fernanda. Eu tenho experiências distintas só que por curto tempo, a agente me disse que isso pode ser meio estranho, só que eu não tive outra alternativa porque eu trabalho e não tenho tanto tempo assim.
      Já quanto a CNH realmente acredito que vai me ajudar, obrigada pela força eu estou bem insegura pelo fato das experiências com as kids, mas tô pensando positivo sempre! Teremos um bom Match amiga!!!!! =)